“38 new vehicles a day on Malta’s roads, 5,669 new licences issued between July and September.”

An absolutely shocking and worrying statistic! Instead of making more space for greenery in this tiny country, what do we do? Add more friggin’ cars, or build more roads. As if the amount of cars that there currently is isn’t enough – not to mention the daily traffic congestion problems, and that air pollution levels are rocketing sky-high (literally!) – we continue to do more damage to our environment. And what’s even scarier is that people couldn’t give the slightest damn about this. No, all they care about is which car model looks nicest, so they could go out and buy it. We’re not far away from the day when we see/hear that there are more cars than actual human beings in this country. Only when it’s too late will we finally wake up and try to “take action”, as is customary in Malta.

– Preston Carbonaro