Firstly, I’d like to commend the Muslim community in Malta for making this kind and mature proposition to invite the “Maltese Patriots” for a civilised dinner discussion.

As some may have predicted, though, the so-called “patriots” have “laid down conditions”. In other words, they came up with some pathetic excuses not to attend, the zealots that they are.

If you are really willing to sit down like decent human beings (which you clearly are not) and properly discuss matters together, you don’t lay down any sort of conditions. To quote Nike, you “just do it”. If you are serious about it, that is, which you obviously aren’t.

You are, however, OK with eating pork sandwiches (as you did earlier this year), as part of a “protest”, to continue to show and prove to people what racist, arrogant, and disgusting bastards you really are. You didn’t lay down any conditions then, did you?

“Maltese Patriots” my foot. You’re a disgrace to this country, that’s what you all really are.

– Preston Carbonaro