I know what some of you must be thinking: “Finally! A positive post on this guy’s blog!”. And you’d be absolutely right to think that.

I was very happy to hear the Maltese president, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, addressing this issue, and giving this subject high importance. So hats off to her.

I feel that children here in Malta are way too influenced by their parents and other adults around them, instead of being independent thinkers. Whether it’s politics, their behaviour, manners, or the language they use.

It is high time that this stops.  It’s vital that children of all backgrounds and ages learn to speak up for themselves, and have their voice be heard. The next step forward is to make it easier and safer for them to do so – especially to those kids who, unfortunately, are more vulnerable, who suffer from loneliness, who are going through family problems, and those who are deprived of their liberty in society.

– Preston Carbonaro