Some positive news, this morning!

Finally, a small step towards making Malta a more environmentally friendly country!

A German company named “Nextbike” will begin operating at the end of this month, with 53 bike stations in 10 localities. A free mobile phone app will also be made available, and will allow users to see the nearest stations and the number of bikes available at each one, check out a bike and drop it off at any other Nextbike station.

It is said that the company will also be sponsoring free cycling lessons with trained instructors, to help those people who are scared of using bicycles on the Maltese roads overcome their fears.

It’s up to the general public, now, to show interest and try out something new, for a change. Not only will this help to (hopefully) lessen traffic, but it will also serve as a great initiative to try and tempt people to live a more healthy lifestyle.

Now that we have this new excellent service planned, I really don’t see any excuses why people shouldn’t make use of it once it is implemented. I know I’m certainly looking forward to try it out!

– Preston Carbonaro