As if it’s not bad enough that the racist, misogynistic madman, Donald Trump, won the U.S. presidential election last week, I see this headline in the news, today.

“Maltese Patriots to contest the general election”.

What has this world come to, I ask?

Dear Electoral Commission, what the hell were you thinking to have made such a stupid decision? Are you really that oblivious to what damage will be done if these bozos get elected?! Just imagine, for a second, if they do. Say goodbye to diversity, to unity, and to multiculturalism. There’s not much of any one, right now, already. Let alone if these guys are in government. I sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that.

I’m not one who believes in all this “end of the world” crap. But if things go the way they are going, I think we will soon witness the true end of the world. And it’s not because some humongous asteroid will hurtle towards our planet and wipe everything out. Imagine this: Trump as U.S. president, Henry Battistino and his band of misfits – the so-called “Maltese Patriots” – in government, plus a few more racists or religious extremists. How about that for an an apocalyptic event?

Just stop and think for a moment…

I shudder at just the thought…

– Preston Carbonaro