Over the weekend, a whole bunch of rude and obscene comments were posted on Facebook, directed to a fellow referee and colleague of mine – Malcolm – after a football match he officiated.

What’s more shameful is that these comments were posted online by members of one of the clubs (which will remain unnamed)  involved in the game.

This is the ugly truth behind Maltese football, and the hooligans it brings along with it.

This is the bad example that football clubs are setting to their young players. And unless bad apples like these are removed, we will never see a positive change within the youth system. How can future generations improve, if children at a young age are being exposed to such things from their superiors? And we’re surprised whenever we hear a 15 year-old boy insult us referees using foul language, during a match?

Utterly abhorrent behaviour!

I sincerely hope that these bunch of scum get what they deserve.

P.S. And to those who wrote the heinous comments: I beg you. For Christ’s sake, please learn how to write and spell proper Maltese, before posting something. You friggin’ good-for-nothing morons. You just keep proving to the entire nation how stupid and incompetent you all really are.

– Preston Carbonaro