“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, Andy Williams once sang.

Yes, that’s right! Christmas is soon upon us, again, my friends! Just over a week left. Many of you will be quite busy this week and the next, out and about, shopping for presents, racking your brains about what to get for whom.

And it is precisely this point which I would like to briefly speak about, today.

I was brought up with the mentality that Christmas isn’t only a time of receiving, but it is also a time of giving. Whether it’s donating to charity, or cheering people up by spending some time with them, you are giving something which isn’t tangible, yet will still make their day.

With this said, such acts should be done throughout the year, not only during this time.

So go out there, spread the “gift” of love and joy to those around you. Put a nice, big smile on their face. Believe me, it is the most rewarding feeling ever. Knowing that with what might seem like a small act of kindness, you are actually making somebody else’s life a whole lot brighter.

– Preston Carbonaro