Ever noticed the way certain parents treat (or rather, mistreat) their kids, sometimes?

Personally, the thing that infuriates me most, among other things, is whenever a parent smacks their child as a so-called “means of discipline”. That is physical abuse. If you think that by hitting your child you are teaching them a lesson, then boy are you wrong.

What these people fail to see is that, if a kid is raised in a hostile environment, where all he/she has experienced is abuse, they will only do the same thing (or worse) when they’re older. In fact, a recent study featuring a group of 50 serial killers showed that troubled childhoods were higher than the societal average, with over one-third of the killers shown to have a history of physical abuse!

Granted. A child has to be disciplined, and be given a punishment, at times, if they misbehave . With that said, though, I believe that there are other, better ways to go about it. I think it’s better to actually communicate with your offspring, let them know what they did wrong, as opposed to just shouting or giving them the old “Go sit in the corner, don’t talk, and face the wall for 10 minutes”. I’ve been told to do that many times when I was younger, however, looking back, it didn’t really teach me a lesson. If anything, I used that time in the corner to come up with the next act of misbehaviour. There was no messing around, however, whenever my mother or father used to give me what I call “The Ultimatum”. Either I stopped misbehaving in school, or else no more playing on my Playstation for a whole week. Now that was scary!

It is imperative that children are brought up in a safe, calm, environment. After all, a child’s mind is like a sponge – it absorbs everything that he/she sees and hears. So be sure that that sponge is soaked in good, clean water, not in some repulsive, stagnant pool of sludge.

It was an article (An Open Letter to My Future Son) by Luke Drabyn, which I stumbled upon recently, that prompted me to write this post. The morals mentioned in this truly inspirational article are the exact same ones that I plan to teach my future son/daughter. And to all the parents out there, this is a must-read for you, too.

– Preston Carbonaro

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