Side note: I actually found this post quite challenging to write. Not because I didn’t know what to write. Quite the opposite, rather. If I had to continue rambling on about my views on religion, I swear it would’ve been something close to a novella. I had to make this as concise as possible, without deviating too much from the subject.

So, last week, the Maltese archbishop – Charles Scicluna – stated that “church schools must respect the religious freedom of others”, and confirmed his openness to Muslim students receiving education in their own religion. “Church schools must be an open door for humanity,” he said. “We are not afraid of inclusivity. It is a fountain not only of comfort, but of enrichment.”

And I agree completely with what he said, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for diversity; a mix of different races, religious beliefs, and cultures, which is very healthy for a country and its people.

However, if it were up to me, I wouldn’t have any kind of religion taught in any school.  One can learn, study, and practice that at his/her own leisure. For a minute, forget about believing and praying to some “higher power”, a “supreme being”, a “god”; kneeling down and worshipping statues and idols of characters that are in the respective religion’s “sacred” texts; hanging crucifixes on the walls of classrooms, and all this superficial stuff. When you look at it, don’t all religions preach more or less the same thing? To be a good person? To lead a good life, without hurting others?

So, instead of teaching religious studies in schools, I think that it will be better for future generations if they have ethics lessons, instead. Ethics, basic good manners, common sense and courtesy – traits in people which are highly lacking not only in Malta, but in other countries around the world, too, unfortunately.

Ultimately, the best “religion” is to lead a good life. And by that I mean being kind, loving, considerate, and respectful to those around us, to empathise with our fellow Man, to do what is morally correct. These (amongst other things) I believe, are the dogmas that we should follow and adhere to religiously (pun intended).

– Preston Carbonaro