Date: 5th April 2017

Time: 12:00 p.m.

Place: Valletta, Malta

Observation: An elderly man, approximately in his eighties, holding a white paper bag and a booklet, boarded the bus and sat down on the seat in front of me. He then opened the paper bag, and took out two ricotta cannoli, which he wolfed down within a matter of seconds. The old man then proceeded to leaf through his booklet – which, I noticed, was some sort of promotional material for Easter – showing various different pictures of sweets and pastries typically eaten during this time of the year. Easter eggs, almond cake, and the traditional Maltese “figolla” and “kwareżimal”, amongst others.

‘Damn, this guy’s got one heck of a sweet tooth!’, I thought to myself at that moment.

Funnily enough, what struck me most about this person, was the way he ate those cannoli. He scoffed them with such great gusto!

– Preston Carbonaro