“Good Friday”. The day where most people make some sort of sacrifice, typically by not eating any kind of meat, or sweets.

This is the most ridiculous logic ever.

You really think that by doing any one of those things, you’re doing “god” a favour? You think he’s sitting up there among the clouds, looking down at you, clapping, knowing that you stayed off meat for the day, ate no candy, smoked no cigarettes? Or perhaps he’s right behind you, patting you on the back, instead. If you think so, I pity you for having such foolish and childish thoughts. With all due respect.

And what’s the use of doing such sacrifices today when, during the other 364 days of the year, you lead a life full of hate towards others, blaspheme, or pass racist comments?

As with Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and the rest, I believe that “Good Friday” shouldn’t be just that one particular Friday before Easter Sunday. The name says it all: GOOD. The good that should be done and shown throughout the year. Respect and love your fellow Man. Simple.

P.S. My lunch today was a friggin’ meat feast. Chicken thighs with roasted potatoes, and a cube roll steak. And, of course, a piece of figolla with each cup of tea. So…what? Does that make me a bad person, now? Shame on me! haha. What were those wise words, again? Oh yes, that’s right… Live and let live


– Preston Carbonaro