Welcome to the new segment on my blog called “Words of the Day”!

From now on, throughout the week, I will be posting two words along with their definition. These will be picked at random from my personal dictionary made of up words which I’ve come across whilst reading. Also, to help you better understand the meaning of each one, I will be putting the word in a sentence.

The purpose of this, you ask?


To help you guys further expand your vocabulary range.

Here are the first two words:

  • snaffle” (verb) – To take (something) for oneself, typically quickly or without permission

Example: I snaffled a biscuit from the jar whilst mum wasn’t looking.

  • retinue” (noun) – A group of advisers, assistants, or others accompanying an important person

Example: The rock star’s retinue of security guards.


– Preston Carbonaro