Did you ever get an error like this while using Google Chrome?

Chrome Error Unable to access to the Internet


Have no idea what to do until you’re re-connected?

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret…

Whenever you’re in this situation, just go ahead and press the spacebar on your keyboard, and you’ll trigger this super addictive game to while away the time!

You control the dino’s movements, making sure not to hit any of the oncoming obstacles along the way. Jump or duck down to avoid those pesky pterodactyls, and hop over the cussed cacti. Run into any one of these, however, and it’s game over. The further you progress in the desolate desert landscape, the higher your score.

The controls are really easy, too! Just two keys. Press the ‘up’ arrow on your keyboard to jump, and the ‘down’ arrow to duck.

Yup. That’s all there is to it!

Next time you’re without an Internet connection, give this fun game a go. I guarantee you’ll be hooked in seconds!

– Preston Carbonaro