The day starts off by waking up to this beautiful view, just across my room, in the veranda.

The green area is only a small part of the really big golf course which practically surrounds the whole town.


We first went to a small, nearby restaurant called Nutters, located in Calle San Blas, for a traditional English breakfast.


From there, we started our travels to various different places…

Our first destination was the magnificent resort town of Los Gigantes, in Santiago de Teide. The name itself is pretty self-explanatory, as Los Gigantes translates to “The Giants”. And my oh my are they gigantic! These humongous rock formations, called the Acantilados de Los Gigantes (“Cliffs of the Giants”), rise from the sea to a whopping height of 500-800 metres!

Acantilados de Los Gigantes


We then proceeded to visit yet another captivating location. Masca. A small mountain village, home to approximately 90 inhabitants. The village lies at the head of the Masca Gorge, and is surrounded by huge valleys, and plenty of palm trees. A fun fact: one can hike the trail leading from the village down to the beach by the Atlantic Ocean. This takes about 3 hours!



The last place on our list, for today, was Playa de las Americas. A holiday resort laden with restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and beaches. Many compare it to the typical nightlife scene in the U.S. (hence the name), especially with its beautifully lit up buildings in the evening.

Playa de las Americas

– Preston Carbonaro