We visited Los Cristianos, today, strolled by the beach, and looked around in various different shops, mainly trying to find a football t-shirt to buy for myself, as is customary whenever I go abroad. This time, since I am in Tenerife, I wanted a Club Deportivo Tenerife shirt.

The search in Los Cristianos was unsuccessful, though, as nobody seemed to have a football shirt of their own island’s team. Can you believe that?! Having football kits of other more popular Spanish teams like Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and Barcelona, but not of Tenerife! Until this one guy tells us about a shop in the town of San Eugenio who’s likely to have. Long story short, we get there, and I managed to get the t-shirt I wanted!

Not only that, but whilst there, I also got my hands on what’s been the latest craze these past few months – a fidget spinner.



For lunch, we went to this really nice and unique restaurant called El Cordero (which means “The Lamb”). It is because of this huge topiary, located just outside the establishment, that the restaurant got its name:

El Cordero topiary

The moment you walk into this place, it’s as if you’ve stepped into a whole new environment! The whole area used to be a banana plantation, however, the owners planted new trees, kept the sandy floor and the plantation structure, then converted it into a restaurant. How cool is that?!

Inside of El Cordero

Another funny and unique thing about this place is that, after you’ve paid, before leaving, you can take some bananas (free of charge!) from a basket by the till. These bananas are from the owners’ personal banana plantation right behind the restaurant.


Later on, this being our last evening here in the Canary Islands, we went to watch my uncle play live at the Plaza del Duque. Things got a bit emotional towards the end, as he dedicated his last number of the evening – “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker – to us.

– Preston Carbonaro