The wait is almost over! Less than 24 hours to go until I am in Sweden refereeing in this year’s edition of the Gothia Cup. And I’ve really been looking forward for this day to come.

This week has been quite busy, as I’ve been preparing myself both physically and mentally for this big event. Training, and going over the changes in this season’s Law of the Game, mainly. Just to recap, this is a huge tournament, with 1,762 teams from 82 nations taking part, and a total of 4,372 games to be played!

Now, seeing as this will be a rather eventful week – with approximately 20 matches in a week – I will not have the time to post anything on my blog, here. With that said, however, don’t think that I’ve totally forgotten about you, dear readers. For I spent last week writing posts which I’ve scheduled for the week that I’ll be away. And keep your eyes out for a “special” edition of Words of the Day, and a book review. So stay tuned 😉

Also, I will be taking notes during my stay in Sweden, so that when I come back, I’ll let you in on all that happened.

Till next week, my friends! Or as they in Swedish; vi ses!

– Preston Carbonaro