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Words of the Day

humdinger (noun) – A person, thing, action, or statement of remarkable excellence or effect

Example: That was one humdinger of a party, last night! We had a blast!

lax (adjective) – Not sufficiently strict, severe, or careful; slack, negligent, careless

Example: The lax security at the event allowed people to just slip in and out unnoticed.


Did You Know?

During the Vietnam War, American field medics wrote the letter ‘D’ in chalk on a soldier’s helmet, which meant that the person is dead. This way, those who followed didn’t waste any time examining them.

An ‘L’ on the helmet of an injured soldier indicated that he was still alive. And if an ‘M’ was added, it meant that the patient had been given a morphine injection. They did this to prevent anyone from being given several shots and dying of an overdose.

Words of the Day

gourmand” (noun) – A lover of good food

Example: Everything for everyone, from the snacker to the gourmand.

smarmy” (adjective) – Flattering in an insincere manner; sleazy, sly

Example: She was trying to be friendly, but she just seemed smarmy and insincere.

See. Think. Write. Turns 1, Looking Ahead, and Further Updates

Hi, everyone.

I know, it’s been a while since I last wrote an actual post. It’s just that things have been quite busy, here, the past few weeks. So, here I am today to share with you all the latest updates.

First off, as you could probably tell from the title, yesterday was my first WordPress anniversary.


That’s right! It’s already been a year since my maiden blog post! Time sure flies by, doesn’t it?

Looking back, I’m very happy with how my blog has evolved in just a year. From simply finding articles, then commenting on the subject or simply expressing my opinions, to actually writing my own material; book reviews, travel journals, etc.

Thinking ahead, I still have plenty of ideas about what to include on See. Think. Write. More football-related content, for example, possibly introducing a “Did You Know?” section, and a couple of other surprises along the way. Ultimately, my aim is to keep the blog entertaining, yet also educational (and still fun) for you readers.

To close off this part of the post, I wish to thank all those who, in some way or another, supported me over the past year – be it the “likers”, followers, commenters, and even the critics.

Now, onto the updates.

Preparations for Is-Sirena ż–Żgħira Taħt it-Tieqa tad-Dwejra – where I will be playing the part of Prince Eric – are progressing well, with production week in just over a month’s time, and performances on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of December. It was also announced that all proceeds from our performance will go to the Muscular Dystrophy Group Malta. For those who do not know, muscular dystrophy is a terrible disease which results in a person’s muscles weakening and deteriorating over time. People who suffer from this condition are eventually unable to walk, leaving them wheelchair-bound for the rest of their lives. So, besides this being an exciting return to the stage for me, it will all be for a good cause in the end. And I couldn’t feel prouder to be a part of it.

Continuing on the same topic of acting and drama, I was called in for an audition, over the weekend, for a chance to be in MADC’s upcoming production – California Suite – based on Neil Simon’s comedic play, and the 1978 movie of the same name. And I felt that my audition went pretty darn well, actually! As I am still awaiting a reply from the company, though, I do not have any further updates regarding this matter, but I’ll be sure to fill you guys in when I do hear back.

Well, that’s a wrap for today, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you once again for your interest and support in See. Think. Write!

Until next time,



– Preston Carbonaro

Preston’s Turns of Phrase


(lover of the traditional Canadian dish)

– Preston Carbonaro


Words of the Day

largesse” (noun) – Generous acts of giving gifts or money to others

Example: Even before he won the lottery, Albert performed acts of largesse within the homeless community.

slovenly” (adjective) – Untidy and dirty (especially of a person or their appearance)

Example: After a night of wild partying, a slovenly-looking Carl came in to work wearing yesterday’s clothes.

Preston’s Turns of Phrase


(the art of dog dance)

– Preston Carbonaro

Words of the Day

obdurate” (adjective) – Unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feelings; stubborn, obstinate

Example: Even though his fellow teammates urged him to accept the new coach, the star football player remained obdurate and refused to follow the coach’s directions.

furlough” (noun) – Leave of absence, especially that granted to a member of the services or a missionary

Example: Jaime is taking a furlough after being critically wounded in the line of duty.

Preston’s Turns of Phrase

Cologne, Germany. Eau de toilette, France

(people from these two cities are known to smell really good…)

– Preston Carbonaro

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